Business Tools

best-business-toolsThere are many different types of business tools out there most of them created to help you make running a business a lot easier. It’s everything from huge ERP systems like the microsoft dynamics series to small email clients. Not all companies got the same needs, for instance a small 1 person window cleaner company may only require some simple software for keep track of their finacial stuff while huge corporations with thousands of employees get some quite different needs when it comes to business tools. But which types of these company tools are the most useful or rather the most popular these days? Let’s take a look at some of the most used ones.

Microsoft Office
This widely used piece of software are designed to run on the windows OS but can also be found in an online version which you can access from everywhere you are and any type of computer (or tablet). It contains some of the most popular programs these like the outlook email client, microsoft word for writting letters or documents, excel spreadsheet and power point presentations to mention some of the most useful programs in this software.

Microsoft Dynamics
This suite comes in different variations such as the CRM, GP, AX or Nav which is the most used on. This ERP system is mostly used for larger companies and takes care of most of their needs when it comes to software such as finacials, sales, debitor catalogs, stock inventory and much more.