Mobile BI is a new workforce

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The executives of the logistic and delivering companies understand well that the trucks which carry goods across the country are not just working units but the data-producing machines as well. For instant, the today logistic company equips a truck with sensors that produce about 1.000 data elements from the engine alone – that contain everything from how fast the truck is going and how hard the driver is braking. That is really valuable information which helps the companies understand how business performs and how they can save time and money resources. Even more, using Big Data that is produced by the working units it is possible to have the answers on the specific questions what is very important for the management.

Today Business Intelligence (BI) solutions offer a lot of ways how a manager can access to the BI dashboards and start decision making. The most popular one is the Mobile BI – an immediate access to the real-time business numbers of the company from any place and any time with the possibility to react. Exactly this newfound ability to make fast decisions is saving the companies tens of millions a year just by reducing truck idle. Big Data and Mobile BI are two components that turn your company into the always available and reporting tables and dashboards simply like in a strategic real-time video game that is downloaded in your smartphone. It is important to add that the interaction of these two technologies is just developing but still Big Data plus Mobile BI can have a powerful impact across all the industries from healthcare to banking and from the business bottom line to the in-store customer experience.

In a 2012 report about Mobile BI and Big Data, the author Rowe found that only 16 percent of Big Data companies were able to serve remote and mobile workers. But 59 percent of the respondents were planning to provide mobile functionality over next 2 years in their business tools.