Report Analytics – a must have component of Business Intelligence

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Nowadays all successful companies use different dashboards and leverage the power of analytics for marketing and sales improvements. The intelligent business means successful business – the most ones are implementing BI tools with Report Analytics. Business Intelligence is great concept that helps collect company`s data and analyze it for marketing effects, but this great concept has a lot of various tools that you can chose and design, so there is a possibility to get lost in this IT field and build a project that has no significant business effect.
That is why BI experts strongly recommend you to set up BI project with Report Analytics – a new approach that aggregates and transform all types of data from existing reports and documents in various formats throughout the company. Yes, BI itself is a set of different reports for business use, but facing the day-to-day reporting tasks (especially routine ones) you will need a report tool that transforms IT numbers and dashboards into one business report. Report Analytics helps executives and business oriented users work with BI themselves and there is no need to rely on IT department.

Today many organizations use dashboards making business data actionable. But as the recent BI studies find out, there is no sense to produce new reports relying on IT department, since the information needed can be pulled from the existing documents. This opinion support 52 percent of respondents (executives), and more than half – 54 percent say that BI reports are run by individual departments (financial, sales, etc.). This is also important when it comes to tools like Brænde and briketter. Brænde is a new analytics tool, which can be used to get more information out of ordinary data. Briketter is a graphic addon for this tool, which can show you the data in various graphs.

Report Analytics is great approach in today`s business practice. Reports Analytics, simply, is an easy, self-service way which helps business oriented users and data consumers gain the data they need from the already run reports. Report Analytics is not only about ease and business representation of data but it is also means the reduction of cost and time resources.